TAG: The Power of Paint

TAG: The Power of Paint

Paint the town red in this original first-person platformer


  • Very original idea
  • Easy to control


  • No enemies
  • Too short

Very good

We're all used to managing bullets, grenades and knives in first person shooters. But what if paint was your main ammo?

This is precisely the idea behind Tag: The Power of Paint. This original game, developed by a group of students of the Digipen Institute of Technology, challenges you to find your way through several levels in a mixture between puzzles, platform games and shooters. The trick is using paint to obtain different powers: green makes you jump, red boosts your speed and blue allows you to stick to the surface.

All you have to do is grab your machine gun – which looks more like one of those guns used in paintball games - and start making your way through each level in the game, using each color as you need it.

Tag: The Power of Paint is generally easy to play. Some puzzles are quite challenging at first, but once you get the knack of it the whole adventure runs smoothly – in fact you'll have the impression that it's too short. Also, I missed having at least a few enemies to wipe out, which would definitely make the game more exciting.

Tag: The Power of Paint is an original blend of puzzles, platformers and first person shooters in which the main ammunition is paint.

TAG: The Power of Paint


TAG: The Power of Paint

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  • by Anonymous

    painting IS fun :).
    i really liked the game. TAG: The Power of Paint is 1 of the few games that you can actaully...   More